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All I know

All I know is that syphilus was created because Christopher Columbus was fucking llamas…fuckboy Chris


By this I mean that Wordsworth is deep in the ground, planted, like a carrot.

Where should we eat?

Decisions are a lifetime skill, one that people aren’t too accustomed to. Some people can’t even decide takeout places let alone who to save and who to die. Putting that kind of pressure on a human race that has been pre-determined to take care of themselves over their fellow man is Ludacris


He then presents him with two choices with which he chooses that she is to choose which of the two should be chosen.

Capitalism by rail

If a train reaction starts and the name of my business is in that train it is a great way to gain new customers.

Period Place

The feminist theory stems from a period place.

Et tu Kanye

Now, obviously, stabbing simone repeatedly in the chest and facebook are two very different things. However, both Julius Cæsar’s death and Kanye West’s social media do prove heroism in the end.

Cat man

Masculinity is considered in many forms; hegemonic, alternative, marginalised, toxic and feline.

Ethnic work

My dad practices ethnic work. He is in construction and has hired a bunch of Mexicans to work for him. They work hard and he treats them all fairly. They deserve to get paid well for all their hard work. Other than that my family does not practice any ethnic work.

Life imitates art

Doctors are trained similarly in Canada and Sweden, they must apply for an advanced training called ‘medical school’.  Very similar to the hugely popular Grey’s Anatomy, students must complete vigorous testing and long hours studying to then endure deadly competition within hospitals.