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Day Sixty-One

My APUSGOV students think the franking privilege is baller.

They also think it was very mean that I asked them to read Article I of the US Constitution aloud first thing in the morning, but I responded by dramatically flailing and crying, “BUT IT’S THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL!!!!!!” So they grudgingly laughed at my antics and got on with it. 

We read through the article, and I asked and answered questions about it, and then I explained how Congress is structured, salaries and benefits for members (this is when we got to franking), current public opinion, that sort of thing. I also showed the School House Rock “I’m Just a Bill” because next class we’ll dig deeper into that process.

And I wanted the song stuck in all their heads.


World/English went waaaaay better today than last time. We started by having a heart-to-heart with the students about what wasn’t working, which really helped, as did assigning their seats so that they had fewer distractions around them. We have smaller classes on A days than B days, so we were really able to spread students out and give them quiet spaces to work, and it made a huge, positive difference. A lot of students who were behind got caught up today, and some even ended up getting ahead. 

Having two of my seniors in the room was pretty helpful, too. When I told the freshmen they were there to make up a really hard test, there was almost instant silence because they’re nice kids and they empathize.

Afterwards, Mrs. T jokingly asked the two to come take tests every block.

I spent Block 5 prepping lessons for APUSGOV, and being a guinea pig for one of the geometry lessons Mr. F was planning. I’m happy to report that I can, in fact, still do geometry.