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Day One Hundred Seventy-Seven

So last night one of the third floor science labs flooded, and the ceiling collapsed in the middle of the Cavern of Learning. The thing is, though, if I hadn’t been told about it, I never would have known. By some miracle, none of the desks, laptop carts, etc…got damaged, and the custodial crew worked all night to clean up the debris, and put in new lights and ceiling tiles. I’m pretty impressed with the work they put in to make sure everything was fine by the time the first bell rang.

I spent the morning checking things off my to-do list: cleaning my desk and cabinets, updating bus lists for Project Grad, sending emails, and so on. Then in World/English, Mrs. T and I both started doing formal Multi-Genre Project conferences, which went pretty well. Over the years, I’ve gotten way better at explaining what I’m doing while I’m editing, in particular, so that students will know how to do better in the future. This year they’ve all been really excited to talk about their work and make it as perfect as possible.

I did have the one kid who just looked the other way the whole time I was reading his work, and I so get that. I was that kid, too. So I made all my edits and revision suggestions in silence, and afterwards we talked about everything.

It’s all about finding what works.

The prep room where we usually eat was occupied at lunch time, and it was a gorgeous day, so Mrs. T, Mrs. R, and I all went and ate outside. That was delightful- as was the end of the year party at Mr. R’s house, which I just came home from! Good food, good people, relief that summer is almost here… 

It’s a good day!

Day Two

I had to show up half an hour early today for a 504 meeting. I was wicked glad it was short, though, because freshman orientation was this morning. I had to help set up, and then the building was overrun with new ninth graders. So it was a busy morning, but it’s worth it. It’s super fun to meet the new students, and show them around, and get to know them a bit. 

I can already tell I have a boisterous team with a lot of personality. There are a bunch of athletes, so I made a point of getting into several loud (but good-natured) debates about sports. What can I say? I entertain myself. 

And I got to see Mr. B! He brought his son to orientation, which was awesome and, honestly, a bit more emotional than I had though it would be. But, thing is, Mr. B has been there to support me since my first year- it’s like he’s watched me grow up!- and he’s been a great department head, and I’m going to miss him this year… It hit me again at my afternoon department meeting that, with him on leave, I’m the most senior member of our department. 

Holy crap.

After the department meeting I tried to help Mr. T set up Powerschool, but it was being wonky, so we ended up just having a chat. It was unusually hot- like, so hot that all preseason sports stuff was cancelled because it’s a health risk- so we were hiding out in the air conditioned computer lab, and neither of us wanted to go back to a hot classroom, so chatting was good. 

We had meetings for the last hour of the day. I dashed off some photocopies just before mine, so it’s one less thing on my to-do list for tomorrow. As I was leaving, Mr. R saw me and let me know a bunch of folks were going out for a drink, so I tagged along. I ended up sitting with Mr. I after everyone else left, and talking about life, teaching, this crazy year… It was pretty deep, and a little heavy, but it felt good, too, you know? I’m lucky I work with folks I can talk to like that.