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Day Sixty-One

My APUSGOV students think the franking privilege is baller.

They also think it was very mean that I asked them to read Article I of the US Constitution aloud first thing in the morning, but I responded by dramatically flailing and crying, “BUT IT’S THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL!!!!!!” So they grudgingly laughed at my antics and got on with it. 

We read through the article, and I asked and answered questions about it, and then I explained how Congress is structured, salaries and benefits for members (this is when we got to franking), current public opinion, that sort of thing. I also showed the School House Rock “I’m Just a Bill” because next class we’ll dig deeper into that process.

And I wanted the song stuck in all their heads.


World/English went waaaaay better today than last time. We started by having a heart-to-heart with the students about what wasn’t working, which really helped, as did assigning their seats so that they had fewer distractions around them. We have smaller classes on A days than B days, so we were really able to spread students out and give them quiet spaces to work, and it made a huge, positive difference. A lot of students who were behind got caught up today, and some even ended up getting ahead. 

Having two of my seniors in the room was pretty helpful, too. When I told the freshmen they were there to make up a really hard test, there was almost instant silence because they’re nice kids and they empathize.

Afterwards, Mrs. T jokingly asked the two to come take tests every block.

I spent Block 5 prepping lessons for APUSGOV, and being a guinea pig for one of the geometry lessons Mr. F was planning. I’m happy to report that I can, in fact, still do geometry.


Day Twenty-Seven

So. I teach high school. Imagine how many phones went off at the same time this afternoon when that Presidential Alert thingy got tested.

Today was unexpectedly busy. 

I spent my prep time playing phone tag with campaign staffers, trying to nail down dates for APUSGOV visits, and trying to keep The Principal informed. Meantime, he was dealing with local businesses who won’t let our students park in their lots during the day anymore (students who couldn’t get parking on campus had been doing that and walking up the access road) because some of them are peeling out, drving too fast, etc… This is why we can’t have nice things, kids…

World/English was a blur of monitoring students, reading drafts, and making comments like, “Wakanda would totally have the defenses to handle rampaging hippos” (part of a conversation that happened because of this). Mrs. T overheard that one and burst out laughing. We also had three girls type one-handed so they could do each other’s nails. They finished class with good drafts AND good manicures. 

Ahh, ninth grade…