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Day Sixty-Three

I really liked my APUSGOV lesson today. Each student got a handout describing a bill’s path to becoming a law, and they had to “follow” it by walking around the room and finding answers to twenty questions about the process. I’d taped info blurbs all over the Cavern of Learning (Mrs. T doesn’t have a Block One class, so I could use her half, too).  Half the class had bills that originated in the Senate, and half had bills that originated in the House, so students were spread out and didn’t bottleneck in any part of the room. It worked super well, and it got them out of their seats- which last class did not do- and got them asking questions as they went. 

Definitely a keeper.

World/English started with a vocab quiz. By popular request, Mrs. T and I split the vocab into two parts this unit (the given terms and their choice words), and gave two quizzes instead of one. The grades and the students’ feedback both indicate that we should keep doing this, so that’s the plan. We like it when they advocate for something and experience success as a result. That’s a great thing.

After students finished their quizzes, they got back to work on their book papers (or research projects, in the case of the half dozen students who are ahead). Mrs. T and I both did five or six conferences, and sat with various students needing one-on-one help with their writing. It was a wicked productive day- perhaps because the due date is approaching (Thursday)- and we were impressed. We said as much repeatedly. 

During my prep time I had one of my APUSGOV students in to make up a test. While she worked, I did my grading, hung up some new posters (Christmas gifts from my mom), and glanced over my lesson plans for the next couple weeks. And I got an email from our front office secretary, who does Pampered Chef, telling me I’d won a raffle at an event I was at yesterday! So my mailbox was full of Pampered Chef goodies, and that was awesome.

It was almost 50 degrees, so we got outside for track practice and did 50m time trials followed by a bit of a workout. There were some surprises in the time trials- in the form of big improvements from last year- and that’s delightful. 

Day Sixty-Three

I taught with a hole in my pants today. It wasn’t a super awkward one- back of the knee- but I have no idea how it happened. I covered it with black electrical tape and no one really noticed. 

What a hot mess I am, though. 


I had an especially good Block 3 class in spite of that. We finished Shake Hands With the Devil, I took questions about it, and then I had my students brainstorm the pros/cons of intervening in a situation like Rwanda’s and the pros/cons of not intervening. I closed by detailing some of the real consequences of that choice, including escalating regional violence… I’m gradually connecting dots that will explain the current state of affairs. I say my Block 3 class was especially good because sometimes they connected dots ahead of me, and they kept linking in other things. So it was a good conversation.

I spent Block 5 in a team meeting, which I think went all right, but I’m worried  that one of my colleagues is annoyed with me. We’re having a completely different experience with a student, and I just don’t have a way of saying so that isn’t being interpreted as me being a jerk. 

After the bell, I had to dash down to the gym for winter sports team pictures. I have a habit of switching which side of the row I’m standing on between the girls’ and boys’ team pictures (Coach T does it, too), but today the picture lady wouldn’t let me. Sad!