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Day Sixty-Six

Today was significantly less dramatic than yesterday. 

We spent the morning meeting working on the NEASC self-study (and drinking lots of coffee because maaaaybe none of us slept well). I ran into the SRO afterwards and thanked him again for doing a damn good job. 

I had a meeting with Mr. W during Block One; he wanted my help drafting a course proposal for the program of studies, and I was happy to lend my writing skills. After that, I was able to do some lesson prep for APUSGOV, but I didn’t quite finish before the bell. I ended up doing the rest after school.

World/English was really good. It was the last day allotted for work on book papers, so Mrs. T and I were both very busy helping students write conclusions, giving drafts one last edit, answering citation questions, and so on. I broke the block up into work time and break time like I did last class, and it went so well. I did hold two students for lunch detention for being disruptive during work time (they could choose lunch or after school), but hopefully I won’t have to do that in the future. 

Also, I didn’t raise my voice. After last class, I asked myself why I was doing it if I didn’t want to; I realized that I may not be able to change my challenging student’s behavior, but I can change mine. So no more raised voice, I’m done yelling. 

That’s who I want to be.

Most students worked right up to the bell, but they did it. This was a really hard assignment, so it’s awesome that they persevered and succeeded. We were delighted by the big smiles, sighs of relief, and proudly flourished papers. 

One boy asked if he could cheer.

Heck yes.

Day Sixty-Six

Today my APUSGOV students brought in a cake to celebrate the fact that the government stayed open (continuing resolutions are fun, kids!) I’m quite certain that they would’ve brought cake if the government had shut down, too, but y’know. It was a marble cake, and it was delicious. But one girl’s slice was mostly the white cake, so she announced that it was the slice that depicted Congress.

I died, you guys. 

Also, the same girls who brought in the cake made a presentation on Google Slides called “Senate Boiiiiis,” which involved a lot of this:

So class was interesting. Heh. 

What they actually should have spent their time doing- and, thankfully, did- was writing a term paper. We edited rough drafts today. I also wrapped up talking about the budget process, and covered the impeachment process, too. After it was done, though, I went to Mr. F, who’d come in to get “no shutown!” cake, and just laughed. I kept saying, “What just happened?”

I am so damn lucky I get to teach this class. 

Like, it doesn’t even matter what happens the rest of the day; it could be awful, but as long as I get that Block 1, I’m good. The rest of the day was so not awful today, though. My Block 3 students crushed their student-designed projects, and my Block 4 students got the lesson on conflict clusters so quickly that they actually had about half an hour of time to start research afterwards. 

Track practice was cold, but awesome, and it ended with a game of capture the flag against the nordic ski team. Then i threw on dress clothes, went to church (it’s a Catholic holy day), and then to a holiday party hosted by the parents of one of my APUSGOV students. It’s a bunch of fabulous artsy intellectuals getting together for eats and drinks. I love it.