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Day One Hundred Fifty-Five

My day started off with a cupcake delivery from one of my ninth graders- in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week- which was unexpected and awesome. It totally made my morning.

It’s a B day in the schedule, so I introduced the multi-genre project again in World today. I wanted brainstorming topics to go well, so I appealed to my students’ competitiveness by telling them how many topics my classes yesterday had come up with (30-something). That definitely worked; my Block 2 class, which is my class of reluctant speakers, ended up coming up with 41 topics. 

And my Block 4 class- my most challenging class- came up with 57! 

They rocked and rolled on the research, too, and a bunch of kids wanted to tell me about what they’re planning to write. They’re so excited, and I love it. That’s how it should be.

A few of my Block 4 students and I also ended up having a conversation while they were working that went from very funny to very serious. See, during Teacher Appreciation Week our teacher prep students do all kinds of fun things, including teacher superlatives, and I told my students they should vote for me for “most like to win a rap battle” since I’m a slam poetry champ. They were like, “Yeah, but can you rap, though?” and I busted out a bit of “Guns and Ships” from Hamilton because, y’know, have to be Social Studies about it.

One of the girls told me, “Miss M, your superlative should be ‘most surprising’ because you’re, like, this nerdy teacher lady, but then you do karate, and track, and now you rap?!”

She added that her mom had been glad she was in my room during the lockdown– probably because of the karate- and the conversation shifted to that for a while. Students spoke about how scary it was, and whether or not they cried, and how glad they were that it was a false alarm (little did we know there would be another school shooting today…) I think they probably needed to talk about it because, even though it was months ago, it sticks, you know? 

I had a quick meeting with Mrs. J afterwords, followed by a house meeting. Then I had to go coach a track meet. It’s the last home meet of the season, so we honored our seniors beforehand, which was cool… It rained for a bit (of course), but then the sun came out, a rainbow appeared over the track, my sprinters absolutely crushed the 200m… Aaaaand I was probably too candid while talking to some parents about kids doing travel team/AAU/JO/whatever sports during track season because it’s a thing I have a very strong opinion about, but anyways…. Our team and the teams we were competing against all have traditions of doing the wave to cheer for 4×4 runners, so we were all infield at the end of the meet. 

And then we had a pizza party! Can’t go wrong with pizza, a pretty sunset, and the close of a great day.

Day One Hundred Fifty-Five

Our student council decided to do a spring Spirit Week this week to lead up to prom. There’s no pep rally, but there are fun after school activities (today there was a trivia tournament), and dress-up themes (with prizes!) each day. Today’s theme was holidays, and I… had nothing. So I threw on a floral dress and called myself Earth Day. 

I will up my game tomorrow. 

Anyways, I spent a chunk of my prep time helping students and redecorating my room (new posters!), so did not get nearly as much grading done as I’d wanted to. But it’s all good. I won’t have any of my APUSGOV students tomorrow- AP Calculus exam- so I’ll have a bit of extra time.

World was fun today. Some students had culture projects due, so they shared those to start. Then I pre-taught some vocab on Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism- with some karate tricks thrown in (and me insisting I was a Jedi, of course)- because that’s what their homework is about. They had time to start it in class, which was good. 

Practice was ups and downs. Ups: it’s post-season and we have a solid week of training ahead of us. Downs: we had to remove a couple athletes from our roster (and it’s going to cost us a relay team), and two of my sprinters dinged their hamstrings… But we’ll rally.