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Day Fifty-Three

Okay, so I got my teaching mojo back today. 

I did a lesson on voting in APUSGOV: protections on voting rights, reasons for increases/decreases in turnout, demographic trends, etc… And we took a look at some of the data coming out about the midterms. That was ALL THE POLITICALLY NERDY FUN, and I got to answer some really good questions. We cracked some jokes, too; it’s a room full of unbearably clever young people, and that’s the best part. 

In World/English, it was time for students to revise the current events essays they’d worked on all week and submit them as a portfolio. As I went over the instructions, I was able to explain that this is the build-up to bigger things. This is research. note-taking, citation, and writing practice because book papers and research projects are coming. I wanted to be really clear about the purpose of the work they’re doing.

And it was great! Mrs. T and I took turns working one-on-one with students and monitoring the Cavern. We do it pretty naturally at this point; one of us will sit beside a student, the other will walk around. I ended up sitting with one boy for a good twenty minutes because he kept getting off task and distracting others. He buckled down once it was obvious I wasn’t going anywhere, and I was able to praise him for catching up and getting everything done, and he looked super proud of himself. That was a breakthrough.

I had an IEP meeting during my prep time, and got called out of it to go to another IEP meeting, which… oof. It was unexpected, so when The SpEd. Director pulled me, my initial thought was, “Oh, God, what went wrong?” I was relieved that it was just her needing a regular ed. teacher.

That would be me.

Day Fifty-Three

Mrs. T and I are in San Francisco!!!

We left the snowy north- and our students- behind to tackle narrative writing (her), research and exploration of African culture (me), and a fire drill. We’re pretty sure they survived.

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