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34 weeks pregnant, two half days left of school.
Lesson plans:
6th grade: Lilo and Stitch
7th grade: Incredibles
8th grade: Anne Frank miniseries

And I just handed out poptarts to three of my students.

Things are going well.


8th grader: Miss, is Mrs. Van Daan a THOT?


8th grader, on Mr. Van Daan: How can he smoke if they can’t go outside?
[in which I explain that indoor smoking hasn’t been banned that long and isn’t banned everywhere. . . I can’t believe they didn’t know that]


::8th graders discussing how if they were Mrs. Van Daan (in Anne Frank) they’d cheat with Mr. Frank in the bathroom::
8th grader, who often reads the role of Mr. Van Daan: Oh, no. If that was happening I’d need my cigarettes. The devil is a liar.


8th grader, listening to a cd playing “Oh Hanukkah”: Ooooh yes. I could do the Cha Cha Slide to this. They should put this on the radio.

[We read the Hanukkah scene in Anne Frank today]