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When you run into a guy you used to sort of date and it brings up all the feelings you buried after he ghosted you.



Reblog if you can’t march today for whatever circumstances, but you stand with March for our Lives 100%

I love coming home after rough days to present…

I love coming home after rough days to presents. Thank you so much @teacherofthethoughtfullest!

volnixshin: This “walk up not out” post that’…


This “walk up not out” post that’s going around is incredibly irresponsible and completely misses the point. Mass shootings aren’t happening because someone wasn’t some kid’s lab partner. This is not a bullying problem. This is a toxic masculinity problem. This is a domestic violence problem. This is a gun regulation problem. These students are walking out because they ARE stepping up. Don’t get it twisted. Students shouldn’t have to remind the government that it needs to do its job and protect them.






what books were you assigned to read in a class that you still hold a violent and bitter grudge against

for me it’s into the wild and the scarlet letter

To Kill a Mockingbird; a Sepaeate Peace

Of course I’m about to teach TKAM for the first time…

Of Mice and Men

Lord of the Flies

I refuse to teach both. Yay for designing all your own curriculum.

Return of the Native

Heart of Darkness. Fuck that book. Also fuck my teacher for picking that instead of 1984 which the whole class wanted to read. Like, the fuck?






Tonight at conferences, a parent took his anger at my coteacher out on me.

Dude, not my fault your kid has a 4% in history.

It’s not my fault Matt takes forever to update grades. It’s one of my biggest annoyances about working with him.

I am not your child’s history teacher – he’s next door. My “I don’t know why he does that” clearly only made you madder. Go fucking talk to him.

peterpanix: ISU posted this yesterday. I hope…


ISU posted this yesterday. I hope other schools are spreading the same message.