Day Sixty-Two

A student cussed me out again today. 

That totally sucked. 

But I escorted him to the office to cool off, let the Vice Principal have a talk with him, and got on with class. Sometimes, that’s all that can be done. Meantime, three other students had crises of varying proportions, and Mrs. T dealt with those. She’s a mom, so she’s good at that.

I’m saying, though, it just wasn’t a good day for a lot of folks.


It wasn’t totally bad, though. 

There were some laughs. A student attempted to sneak out of his assigned seat by stuffing his hoodie with his backpack and a tissue box (for the head) so it looked like a person, and Mrs. T and I both cracked up about that. Plus, we got to read some beautiful papers, and encourage a few students who’d been struggling and finally had some breakthroughs. I even got a smile out of one of my least smiley students because he finished his book- which I know was hard for him to do- and I told him how genuinely proud I was.

During flex I had a couple of my seniors come retake their last unit test, and crush it. And I had some great conversations about life and current events with some upperclassmen who came to see me during my prep time. I love that they come by just to chat.

I had to dash out before the bell to go to the doctor, but then I came back for the tail end of track practice. It’s always fun ending the day with my team.