Day Fifty-Seven

 Well. Today we all shook off the unexpected three-day weekend and got back to work. It’s a two-day week (and may become a one-day week if it snows again tomorrow), but there’s a lot to do. 

My APUSGOV students took a unit test, and I maintained my reputation for grading at light speed (I had the test grades on PowerSchool before the afternoon bell rang). A lot of students did better on this test than the last one, which is awesome and indicates that they’re figuring out how to prepare in a way that works for them. However, some students didn’t do well, and I have to figure out what’s up. That’ll be what I do next class. 

In World/English, our students are at various stages with their book papers: reading, outlining, drafting. One is actually finished; Mrs. T and I both proofread his paper (about the themes in Beasts of No Nation) last week, and he was able to do all the necessary revisions in class today. So he’s on to the second part of The Epic Book Paper and Research Project. He’s researching the LRA and the war in Uganda. 

There were bursts of inevitable goofiness, and attempts to avoid doing work, but for the most part it was a super productive day. We’ll see if we get another tomorrow.