Day Fifty-Six

My hair was wet when I dashed out of my house at 6:52 this morning, and it was so cold outside that my hair froze before I got to my car. I did make it to my 7:00 PLC meeting on time, though. So there’s that. 

Mrs. T ran the show in World/English today. She explained how to do the Africa Book Paper outlines while I supervised the students who were either behind or ahead of schedule. I think it went pretty well. One highlight for me was a conversation with a student who’d previously said he hated to read, and didn’t want to do it, and wasn’t going to learn anything; he told me that he’d finally sat down last night and read enough of his book to get to something he found interesting, and then kept reading, and then finished the book. He identified its major themes and told me what he’d learned, and it made my day.

The other highlight wasn’t anything inspirational. It was the moment when I told two boys to turn around and they immediately busted out “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” 

I cracked up and told them they were perfect.