Day Fifty-Two

So. Today wasn’t my worst day of teaching ever, but uggggh. It definitely wasn’t my best. 

Mrs. T was out sick. She had a good sub, which meant I had someone who could help me keep an eye on the Cavern, but I had to give all the instruction and answer the questions. It went well, at first; students were very patient with the fact that there was only one teacher to manage all the moving parts (students w/ current events essays ready to peer edit, students still needing to do revisions, students who were absent and needed to know how to start). They got to work, and it went super well, at first…

And then it started to unravel. 

The first thing that happened was just bad luck. I was walking one way, one of my tallest boys was walking the other, neither of us was looking, and we collided. I’m a full half a foot shorter than this boy even in high heels, so… Yeah. I didn’t fall over completely, but it was not graceful. Total accident, though. We apologized to each other, and life went on. 

…. Until ten minutes later when a student started throwing pens at other students. I issued a stern reprimand… and then said student took one of the tennis balls off his chair (they muffle noise), threw that, and hit his classmate. So he’s serving detention tomorrow. 

I haven’t issued a detention in years. I haven’t felt like such a crappy teacher in years either. 

It was squirrely until the bell, but rallied for Block 4, and got the class back on track. So, of course, something had to go wrong: I had an asthma attack, and I didn’t have my inhaler (forgot it in my car). So… Ow.

At one point, a bunch of boys started trying to convince the sub she was calling them the wrong names, which was hilarious. I wouldn’t have laughed if the sub had been falling for it, but she knew what was up, so I was like, “Don’t be funny! It hurts to breathe!” For the rest of the Block, I came up with random names to call them. Of course, they always answered to whatever I called them.

So, at least we finished in good spirits…