Day Fifty-One

I am, in fact, very tired today. What good social studies teacher isn’t tired the day after an election, though? This is what coffee and concealer were made for…

It was amazing to go into APUSGOV first thing. I read off the NH election results-  which included some major upsets, especially down ballot- and we chatted for a bit about that, and applauded all the students who cast their first votes. Then I taught a badass lesson on campaign finance (which I took from my AP training at Camp SaintJ, so credit goes to Karen Waples). 

I put students in groups and gave each group one of the following things to research with a couple guiding questions:

  • PACs
  • 527s
  • 501c4s
  • SuperPACs
  • FECA
  • BRCA
  • Buckley v. Valeo
  • Citizens United v. FEC

They put their findings on the board (fun with multi-colored markers!), and I threw up some notes on the 1800s Railroad Cases. Then we had a discussion to connect the dots between all the info (I may have said that a PAC and a SuperPAC were like a Pokemon and its evolved form during this… Maybe). 


I may sound like a massive nerd when I say this, but it’s so much fun to teach this lesson. It’s a complex topic, and it’s so cool when kids get it. And when adults get it! I always get observed when I teach this lesson because my colleagues want to understand the topic, too, so at least one comes in on instructional rounds. 

A few folks want to see Mrs. T and I team teach, too, so we’ll probably have visitors next week. Today we took current events essays a step further by having students revise to incorporate information from another source, and cite it properly in-text. We had to help lots of students because it’s a new skill, so it’s good there’s two of us. I did have to step out twice for 504 meetings, but they were quick. 

We both had a meeting after school because we’re mentors, and all the mentors and new teachers in the district met today to chat about how Q1 went and to go over some upcoming things. I worked with both Ms. J and Mr. T because his mentor is sick. We had a good chat, and there was chocolate. And I got to catch up with Mr. A, who loves being a classroom teacher! So cool.