Day Fifty

Today was a long day. 

I graded through Block 1, then Mrs. T and I did current events in World/English. It went well enough, and we were able to teach lots of little things about research and citation, but these B day classes are still so challenging to manage. I told Mrs. T afterwards that I haven’t felt so tenuously in control of my classroom in years.

And just when I thought they’d settled, too. Will keep working…

We had a team meeting during Block 5, and then I headed to the polls to vote. One of my former colleagues ran for state rep, so after I voted I held signs with him and some other candidates and campaign staffers. It was rainy and cold, but worth it when one of the seniors who was casting her first vote came running up, shouting, “I’M VOTING!!!!!” and giving high-fives. 

My day was made. 

I spent the evening with everyone I’d been holding signs with, watching results at a local restaurant. I’ll be tired tomorrow, but it’s all good.