Day Thirty-Three

I just got home from a cold football game. I usually stay the whole time, but my feet were freezing, so I left at halftime when we got done selling tickets. 

My day started with a fun APUSGOV lesson on public opinion and polling data. It involved episodes 33-35 of CrashCourse, this Jimmy Kimmel sketch, and some exploring on

World/English started with a vocab quiz for me, some pronouns practice on ChompChomp for Mrs. T, and narrative revisions for both of us. We rocked and rolled through the double block- and the flex time in between- and it was super productive. It got a little loud and unruly towards the end of the double block, but we handled that so much better today than yesterday (which is why we reflect after we teach). And, even when it was loud, there was still a lot of really good work happening. Some kids had us checking their narrative drafts 3, 4, 5 times to get them perfect- and team teaching means we have time to do that- which was so awesome. 

Of course, some did just want to be done with class. One boy who was especially determined to act out shouted about having big party plans this weekend. When I told him to quiet down, he yelled, “Didn’t you party, Miss M?” 

I said, “Nah, dude, I was an athlete. I didn’t have time for that.” 

That got a, “Preach, Miss M!” from across the room, and a “Yeah, right” from this boy, so I ended up gathering an audience and talking about collegiate athletics and life choices for the last five minutes of class. The main thing I said was something my coach always told my teammates and I: being an athlete is fleeting; we only going to get to compete for a little while, so we shouldn’t waste any of that time. 

Hopefully they’ll remember that lesson in addition to the content I teach. It’s a good one.