Day Twenty-Six

There’s an election coming up, and I have 18-year-old students in APUSGOV, so I invited the candidates for congress, state senate, and governor to come to class for Q&A. It’s a 7:30AM class, so I make sure to have coffee and donuts for my students and the sleep-deprived staffers who accompany candidates (I’m an ex-staffer, so I know what’s up). I think it’s awesome so many agree to come.

The Republican congressional candidate visited today. He and my students chatted about the current political climate, the environment, school safety, gun rights, Afghanistan, biomass subsidies, law enforcement, the opioid crisis, the federal bureaucracy… And about dogs, Jeeps, and Eddie Murphy. It was a lot of fun, and I think they got a ton out of it.

So I’m feeling good about that. 

I’m feeling good about World/English, too, because there are some really cool narratives being drafted. I think most students were super productive over the two blocks; some even opted to stay with us during flex time. One girl already has a full draft! Mrs. T and I both read her work and were both blown away.

It’s a benefit of team teaching that we can both give feedback on finished drafts. It’s also easier to get to the kids who are struggling; like, I sat with one boy and answered questions about the border until it sparked an idea, and Mrs. T was still available to help others. It’s good stuff.

What else? I was extra dressed up because of my APUSGOV guest. I mean, I always wear skirts and dresses- except on casual Fridays- but this dress was new and wicked nice. I got so many compliments on it. Mrs. T decided to get the same one. She’s going to wear it tomorrow to see if our students notice.

We amuse ourselves.