Day Twenty-Five

I did pilates with a bunch of my colleagues after work on Friday- between the pep rally and football- and I felt it this morning when I got up. My quads and abs let me know exactly what they think of my life choices.

It made walking around the Cavern of Learning a bit more challenging than usual, but I managed. Mrs. T and I did the same thing we’d done on Friday. It was harder today because some of our students have to be redirected a lot, but we anticipated that, so we adjusted our delivery and where we positioned ourselves in the room. Also, this bunch of students asks GREAT questions, so we allotted extra time for them to do it, and had a really cool discussion about immigration policy.

So now everyone is set to draft narratives, and will spend the next several classes working on that. 

We had a ninth grade house meeting during Block 5, so I did all my grading after school ended. I had some assignments to check in, and a few APUSGOV test retakes (kids did it in the office while I was in my meeting) to mark, but I got it all done pretty quickly.