Day Twenty-Three

I was a bit worried about how my World lesson (same one I did yesterday) would go with my Block 4 class today because many of the students in that particular class struggle to focus on a discussion for any length of time. I had alternate plans in mind in case things went poorly, but it turned out I didn’t need them. 

Note to self: if the lesson involves telling the story of the hunt for Pablo Escobar, students will absolutely be silent and attentive. The challenging ones might even forget to look unimpressed by everything you say, and let their eyes widen and their jaws drop.

That’s a win.

Also fun: it was USA day, and almost every kid was decked out in red, white, and blue (as was I, obviously). And we quoted lots of Hamilton because America.

The students are really getting into spirit days now. I think tomorrow- pep rally, tailgating, football- will be so fun.

I spent the afternoon prepping, grading, and stuff. Mrs. T and I are opening the wall, and I’m starting class with an intricately jigsawed lesson, so we spent a good chunk of time grouping students for that and smoothing out some transitions. I also met with Ms. J to show her how to do her grades for progress reports. Then I did all my grading and photocopying. I didn’t leave until after five, but I wanted to get everything on my to-do list done. And I did!