Day Twenty-One

Today was Denim Day. I wore a denim jacket because I knew we were going to have a fire drill this morning, but I didn’t look conspicuous with a jacket on when class started.

So ninja.

I spent my World classes, as I did yesterday, reassuring anxious writers. Some of them have so little self-confidence, and give up so easily; it can really take some doing to talk them through it. I want to know what happened to them in previous grades or outside of school to cause that to happen. Building up their confidence and persistence will be the work of the whole year. 

Confidence can be an issue with my high-flying seniors, too, but with them it’s more that they just need a quick confirmation that they’re on the right track because they second guess themselves. About half my APUSGOV students opted to come see me during flex time today because there’s a test tomorrow- again, really just to confirm that they know their stuff. I quizzed them on some key concepts, and suggested some test-taking strategies, and I think they all left feeling good.

I had a team meeting, which was a little silly today. See, we send fancy “caught doing something good” cards home to ninth graders at The Vice Principal’s request. I grabbed ours to take down to the mail room, and offered to check everyone’s mail. Mrs. T said I was being more adult than her, which never happens, so I insisted we bask in the moment. I ran into The Vice Principal in the mail room and gleefully showed off our cards like the goodie goodie I am.

So… Less adult-y, after all. 

The team meeting was followed by a department meeting, so I did my prep and grading well after the school day was over. Mr. W was doing the same, so we had one of our philosophical chats. I got home about an hour ago. That’s the day!