Day Twenty

Homecoming Spirit Week started today with Seasons Day, so I wore a rose-colored dress and a flower crown, which Mrs. T said made me look like a fairy princess. My seniors in APUSGOV came in dressed like summer: aloha shirts, floral dresses, sunglasses. It was a lot of fun.

School counseling borrowed my class time to go over college app stuff. They were just getting started when the lockdown alarm went off. It’s cause for relief and sadness that everyone reacted quickly. Within seconds, my students had hunkered down by my bookshelves while I locked the door and shut off the lights. The Principal came on the intercom shortly thereafter to announce it was a false alarm. 

I saw Mr. T as I reopened my door. He said I looked like this:


But we got on with it. I did current events writing with my World students, which meant offering a lot of reassurances and occasional spelling/grammar advice because timed writing freaks ninth graders out until they’ve gotten enough practice. I reminded them the stakes are low (it’s only small grade, they can revise, etc…) and said I believed they could do that. 

I ducked out of my Block 4 class to observe Ms. J’s because she wanted some advice on managing that class, in particular. It’s a challenging mix of students, and they’re testing her because she’s new (which always happens to first year teachers). I gave her some suggestions to help, but mostly just encouraged her to hold the line and trust her instincts. It’s super hard, at first, but it gets easier. I know she has what it takes to do this job.

Mr. L covered my class while I did the observation (it was his lunch break). Afterwards, he told me he’d been looking at the pictures on my desk, found the one from my college graduation, and realized I still look like I’m 21. I laughed and said I get told that a lot. It isn’t really true, but I also don’t look like I’m 35, so… 

I did some grading during my prep time, but I thought I was going to meet someone for coffee, so I didn’t stay long after the afternoon bell. He bailed on me at the last minute, though- like, as I was driving- so I just came home instead. Sometimes just chilling out is good.