Day Nineteen

I realized about halfway through my prep time this morning that my arm is super sore because Mr. M hit me with a ball during kickball yesterday. I hadn’t thought it was that bad, initially, but it bruised up good… Whoops. Luckily, it’s a Friday and I have a weekend that won’t involve me reaching up to write stuff on a white board. 

I rocked and rolled through my two World classes despite the sore arm. I had my students examine aspects of Latin American culture: art, poetry, music, holidays, etc… with some readings and some Powerpoint slides. I showed a video of capoeira, and one on styles of dance. In my Block 4 class, a bunch of the boys decided to get up and try to do the dances, too, which was HILARIOUS. 

I got asked if I could do any of the dances, and I confirmed that I could, (I did ballroom dance when I was in school). When they asked me to show them, I told them what I tell students every year when I get asked this: only if they can find one of the four male teachers who can dance since I need a partner. 

They never manage to do it.

I had a former student visit during Block 5. We talked about how tenth grade is going while I made photocopies for next week. Then my bunch of post-Parkland activists came in after school to hold the first organizing meeting of the year, which was great. I stayed an additional twenty minutes or so to wrap up my grading. I figured I would be the last person to leave- on Fridays everyone tends to go as soon as contract hours are over- but Mrs. T had stayed for meetings, so we walked out together. 

Homecoming is next week, so stay tuned for all the spirit week fun!