Day Seventeen

Open House Chocolate Cream Pie:

  • Mix 4oz, of cream cheese and half a tub of Cool Whip 
  • Spread evenly in an Oreo crust 
  • Chill for 30 minutes
  • Mix 12oz instant chocolate pudding mix with 2.5 cups of milk
  • Spread on top of cream cheese and Cool Whip layer

Pie did, in fact, make the day better for my whole floor. That’s a win.

And so was everything else today! I had two awesome World classes. I got some GREAT questions about Latin America, and my students had a big, broad discussion of immigration during Block 4. That was so cool. They devoured the independent work I assigned, too, which rocks. 

I also had a super busy flex block- 17 students came to see me! They were all able to get help, get work done, and improve their grades. It’s such a benefit for them to have that time. I had a feeling I’d like flex, and I definitely do so far.

I spent half my prep time in a team leader meeting and half in a 504 meeting. It was super positive (not all of them are), but it meant I had to stay after to prepare for Open House. It didn’t take too long, though; I washed my desks and boards, printed informational handouts, and then left for a couple hours. Some teachers stay straight through the afternoon, but I always make it a point to go home. I like to get coffee, eat dinner, change clothes, and reapply my make-up. 

At Open House, I always do a couple things: I write my credentials on the board (because I am a professional badass, and people should know), I congratulate parents of seniors and welcome parents of freshmen, and I try to remember to breathe. It’s so much more nerve-wracking than teaching is! But I think it went well.