Day Fifteen

This past Friday I modified the curriculum for my next World unit, sent it out for feedback, and got… nothing. 

And, sure, I get that people are busy, but I’m an anxious soul. And the meeting that resulted in me doing the work sucked, so maybe I need a little confidence boost. I don’t know.

My classes were all right today: vocab quizzes, data analysis, conversations about big ideas… They were a bit reluctant to chat, at first, in my Block 2 class, but I kept encouraging them to take a risk and speak up. Eventually, the floodgates opened. Also, I graded and returned the quizzes within the block (I grade wicked quickly), and some students realized they should to study more in the future. We’ll work on that. 

Here’s a funny thing: I thought I saw a boy texting instead of doing his class work, so I asked him to stop. He said he wasn’t actually texting, just using the autocorrect feature to figure out how to spell a word. He showed the screen to me so I could see it.

That’s a new one for me, but, y’know… Way to use your resources, kiddo.

I also had a random side conversation about students’ 4th Amendment rights because there was a rumor that the K9s were going to be brought in today (not a thing that actually happened). That’s cool; everyone ought to know their rights. 

I spent the start of my prep time getting my stuff for tomorrow’s classes ready. Then I had a meeting with Ms. J because she had some questions, and I wanted to plan another observation. Some of her questions stemmed from the recent lockdown drill; I could answer a few, and told her to ask the SRO others… And, ultimately, I had to say we don’t have answers for everything. We try to anticipate all the ways something bad could happen, but… 

That’s teaching in modern America. But.