Day Twelve

The bell schedule is just different enough this year that I occasionally forget when classes end (let us note, I had an unchanged schedule for twelve years). This morning I had my APUSGOV class do some practice FRQs, and I was marking the time remaining incorrectly for about ten minutes. Buuuut I caught myself and apologized, and we got on with it. I just wanted to give them a taste of what the exam is like, so it’s low stakes work.

While they were writing, I redid my entire World lesson because I abruptly decided to adjust the sequence of the next few classes. So my students started by revising the current events essays they drafted last class, which I had initially planned to do next class. Then I added a bit of vocabulary practice (there’s a quiz next class). Then, since we’re on the topic of current events, I got on the topic of extremism because it’s come up in conversation a few times this week, and I have a great activity on the things that make countries vulnerable to extremist influences. Students have to examine the emergence of five different extremist groups and figure out what they have in common. So they did that today, some took it home to finish. We’ll chat next class about how extremist groups target individuals. 

I’ve always done that lesson later in the year, but I figured why not do it now. As I said, the topic has come up. And I do tell people that extremism looks the same all over the world, so it’s a point I can keep coming back to as we study its manifestations this year. We’ll see how that works out.

I spent my prep time planning, grading…. and emailing the staffers for three winning candidates and one incumbent to get them to come to my APUSGOV class. Because last year’s biggest lesson was that it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Two already said yes. Just gotta work out dates.