Day Eleven

Only one of my students was born before 9/11. There can’t be more than a handful in the whole school, and next year there will be none. It made observing a moment of silence a bit surreal, and I found myself wondering how long after other major tragedies did that tradition last.


I did a walk through observation of Ms. J’s American Lit. class, which was fun because she has a ton of my former students. It did make it impossible to be subtle and non-disruptive, though. I apologized for that on a post-it note. 

Then I went and taught my own classes. My World lesson did go as well as it went yesterday. More kids needed help today, which is no biggie, and I still have one in that challenging Block 4 class who is really struggling to get out of his own way. I actually held him after class to talk one-on-one about his behavior. I haven’t had to do that in ages.

I will figure out how to work with him, though. I’m determined.

I could hear Mr. T teaching a lesson on racism across the hall all morning. so when we ate lunch together I asked if I could steal it. Afterwards, I had a team meeting followed by a faculty meeting, which wasn’t fun because I had a headache and there wasn’t any coffee. 

I survived, though.

And then I went to vote, and I saw a former student as I was walking in. He beamed at me and shouted, “I’m voting because your class taught me it matters!” So nothing else about today actually matters. That makes it.