Day Ten

I nearly always wear my hair in a ponytail- a habit from my college track days- so my coworkers flipped out about me wearing it down today. I got a bunch of compliments about my dress, too, which was nice.

My APUSGOV class had a cracking debate about Brutus 1 and Federalist 10, and then went off on a tangent about what James Madison would make of our current government. That was good stuff. There’s a primary election tomorrow, so we ended class by chatting about that. I have a bunch of students who will be 18 by November, but only one student who’s 18 now, and he got a round of applause because he gets to cast his first vote.

So cool.

I continued on a debate/politics theme in my advisory, though it was unplanned. I’d promised them breakfast, so we were sitting around, eating muffins and donuts, and a handful of boys tried to convince me to let them put hats on (which is against our dress code). I told them they had to convince the school board, not me, and they started doing research and making plans to talk to The Principal (I emailed him a heads up). I am so okay with this. 

I kind of made up my World lesson as I went. Last class, I taught my students annotation using a news article about Yemen, and asked them to find and annotate a news article of their choice for homework. Today I decided to get an writing sample by having them sum up their news article and consider its global impact. As I was explaining what I wanted, I figured I could get a full essay out of it, so I ended up modeling it paragraph by paragraph on the board (using the Yemen article). And it went well! 

My Block 4 class totally cruised, so we ended up playing a vocab quiz game called Flyswatter for the last 15 minutes. How it works: students divide into two teams, each with a flyswatter; the vocab words are written on the board; when I give a definition, the people with the flyswatters race to swat the word. It was fun, and it got everyone up out of their seats, which is nice after a block of writing. 

Hopefully, it goes well tomorrow, too!