Day Nine

Know how my lesson was awesome yesterday? It was not as awesome today. 

I mean, it was totally fine during Block 2, but this Block 4 class I have on B days is something else… There are a handful of boys who are just not used to being held to expectations, so they keep acting out, and it is taking all of my effort to respond patiently and calmly- and to hold the line! So we clash, but five minutes later it’s all good and we’re chatting about basketball (ball is life!) as I show them how to do an MLA citation or something. 

It’s going to exhaust me, but I’m going to work it out.

What else? I had a really fun advisory block. We spent it fiddling with the adaptive scheduler program in preparation for us starting to do flex time, and that sparked a conversation about future goals. And why everyone ought to take personal finance. It was good stuff.

I went to see my mentee, Ms. J, during Block 5 to plan some observations and talk about how things are going so far.  Then I convinced Mr. I that he should let me tag along for payday drinks with him and his mentee, Mr. T, which was good fun. I like their company a lot.