Day Five

The heatwave finally ended, so everything I did today in World was better than it was yesterday, even though it was the exact same thing. I went over course expectations, then had them do a classroom scavenger hunt (finding useful stuff like the Kleenex, the pencil sharpener, etc… and random stuff like my brother’s jump wings, which are pinned to the board by my desk). Then we had a chat about what culture is and why we study it. 

I was worried about my Block 4 class being quiet because it’s only 11 students (the others are 17-20), but nah. It’s the loudest 11 on the team, and they’re hilarious. They’re also already in awe of my ninja skills because I caught this one boy tossing paper at a girl, like, four times. 

He couldn’t believe he kept getting caught. 

So that class is going to be fun but exhausting, heh.

I spent my prep time printing stuff for next week, helping Mrs. T rearrange her desks, and saying hi to various former students who dropped by to say hi to us. I saw even more of them at the football game this evening, as well as some of my current students, who think it’s awesome thar I’m the ticket lady. There were some recent grads, too, who are home for the long weekend or haven’t left yet. All told, almost 600 people were there. Friday night football in a small town, you know?