Day Four

The wild rumpus has started!

And I would like it known that I taught my first block class with my dress on backwards. Legit, that is a thing that happened. It’s my fourteenth year of teaching, and I am still a hot mess sometimes. Luckily, it’s a dress with a neckline that made this unnoticeable, OR ELSE I WOULD HAVE NOTICED SOONER, so it was fine.

First block was APUSGOV. My class is enormous (24 students- which is full enrollment up here- compared to the 7 I had last year), and way more politically and academically diverse than it was last year, so teaching it is going to be really different. I’m excited about it, though.

There are also going to be some changes in how I teach World Cultures because I have some students who have significant health issues, which means I’ll have to adjust how I deliver information, how I arrange seats, where I stand, what I wear (ie- no jewelry when I’m wearing a mic), and so on…  And, like, there are adjustments and accommodations to make every year- that’s teaching in public school- but this year there are more, or they’re things I haven’t had to do before. And there’s a good lesson in this; sometimes we teachers get to thinking that we’ve handled it all, but we haven’t. 

I’m going to figure it all out, and we’re going to have an awesome time. 

All in all, I think the first day went well. It was still a bit hot, but we managed, and participation was high in all my classes. I went over course basics as painlessly as possible. Then in APUSGOV we got right into the country’s origins, the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War… In World, we talked about why we study the world, what the term “culture” means, and so on. I want to tighten that up for tomorrow, but it was all right.

And I do get to do it again tomorrow because my school does A-B block scheduling! My schedule looks like this (and I know it’s absurdly good):

Day A:

  • Block 1: APUSGOV
  • Block 2: World Cultures
  • Block 3: Advisory/Flex (this is new!)
  • Block 4: World Cultures
  • Block 5: Prep

Day B:

  • Block 1: Prep
  • Block 2: World Cultures
  • Block 3: Advisory/Flex (this is new!)
  • Block 4: World Cultures
  • Block 5: Prep/Team Time