Day Three

Schools in northern New England do not have central air conditioning. There are only a handful of days when it’s necessary, and it’s not cost effective, so I totally get it. Today was one of those days, though. 

I finished prepping my room, and helped some of the new teachers in the morning. But then I spent most of the day hiding in one of the few rooms that is air conditioned: the computer lab. I wanted a cool, quiet place to read all my IEPs and 504s. I like to create a one-page (if possible) “cheat sheet” listing all my ninth graders’ accommodations as a quick reference. It’s time-consuming to set up, but so helpful to have. I can’t remember who I learned that from, but it’s a good teacher trick. I share it with the other teachers on my team, too, since we have the same students.

In addition to doing that, I also had to finish grading my APUSGOV essays. It took me about half an hour longer than the actual day, but that’s fine. I certainly wasn’t the last person to leave.

Students come tomorrow!