Day One


The first day always starts with a district-wide breakfast and welcome meeting. I walked into breakfast with Mr. F and told him we were going to make new friends, so we sat with two new teachers, one of whom turned out to be my new World counterpart. His name is Mr. T, and he’s super cool. Our other cacophonous friends joined us, and- to the newbies’ amusement- we got to work on my bingo board (I fill it with educational buzzwords and see how long it takes for them to be said at meetings). It’s my bit of mischief, but it does mean I’m listening!

I actually love the welcome back meeting because it’s powerful too see the faculty and staff of the whole district in one room, and The Superintendent usually starts it with something inspiring. Today he had us all stand, and gradually sat us back down in order of how many years we’d worked in the district- so all the new teachers sat first, then everyone with less than five years, and so on. It’s year fourteen for me, so I was standing longer than most, but one woman who works in the district office was left standing at FORTY-EIGHT years!

Obviously, we all stood back up to applaud her. 

The rest of the meeting was about the vision for the year (helping every student reach their potential). After that, we had some tech training (new program to do flex time scheduling), which I blew through because I’m one of those pesky, savvy Millenials. Then I went down to grab a bunch of new supplies from Mrs. Z. She rocks, but it’s so weird not seeing Mr. B… 

Anyways. Meetings, meetings, lunch (featuring whoopie pies from Mrs. T!), and more meetings followed- ending with a typically raucous Ninth Grade House meeting, which included this little exchange:

The Vice Principal: I realize I’ve been here twice as long as your past several vice principals, and I haven’t gotten sick of you yet.
Me: Ehh, give it a bit more time.
Mr. F: We’ll try harder.

That’s us, heh.

I would have puttered in my room after that, but I had to leave right at 3:00 to get to a doctor’s appointment. The nurse who took my pulse said it was fast.