Bonus Day

I go back to work for real on Monday, but I went in this morning and proctored SATs. It’s not thrilling work- read a script, watch a clock- but it pays and there are donuts, and it’s one more way I can support the kids I teach. I can smile and wish them good luck as they walk in, which is little, but it matters. 

Of course, it’s not just our students who come in, since there aren’t many testing centers, especially in August. I’m always surprised just how far some kids travel, though (I give them smiles and good lucks, too). One came with a very nervous parent, who ended up getting kind of upset at how check-in went, which isn’t something I’d witnessed before. It’s a slow process, but we leave plenty of time for it- all the kids get to their testing rooms, no one has to rush, no problem- and we’re all very calm about it. No need to add more stress to a stressful situation, you know?

Buuut I suspect this parent wanted something at check-in to change, and it didn’t, which is tough to navigate. I’m not the one who had to have that conversation, though. Lucky me!


After the test, I went and set up my classroom, graded a few APUSGOV essays (summer work), and decorated my team bulletin board. I figured, since I was in the building, I could get that stuff done. In-service is going to be busy, so it’ll help.