some highlights from my students’ romeo and juliet modern interpretation projects:

– someone made a username for friar laurence with 420 at the end
– the same kid who put 69 in romeo’s username like i wouldn’t know what either of those things mean
– the girl who added ‘clean’ at the end of all the songs on her juliet playlist like lmao girl i know spotify doesn’t have the clean version
– the kid who said romeo and juliet killed each other
– the weird dichotomy of kids who put love story on their playlist vs the kids who choose bad blood
– the kid who wrote ‘get a room’ as tybalt’s comment on romeo’s couple pic
– the kid who said ‘romeo is probably one of those douches who follows a ton of people so they follow him back and then he unfollows all of them’
– the one who legitimately used the word ‘alrighty’ do kids say this in their text messages???? i thought i was the one talking like an elderly person but okay
– the one who made romeo’s username ‘montagoose’
– the only kid who acknowledged that posting about your secret relationship on instagram was a bad idea
– the girl who wrote that romeo would unironically say ‘#blessed’. she’s right.
– the one single solitary girl who wrote mercutio as gay as shakespeare did (she’s also the only one who used mercutio at all which is a tragedy but whatever)
– the one who wrote romeo’s insta bio as ‘thus with a kiss i die… LOL RIP ME 😂💀’
– the one who made benvolio’s username benvoliYO

You are an excellent teacher