2018-2019 Amazon Classroom Wishlists

2018-2019 Amazon Classroom Wishlists:


Here it is!  Please submit your classroom wishlists for inclusion in this year’s master list of Tumblr Teacher Wishlists.  Please note the short deadline.   Please submit your info by Wednesday, July 11th at 9 PM Eastern Time.


Can I submit my donorschoose link, gofundme, etc.?

No.  I would be open to making a donorschoose list at a later date, but am currently just doing wishlists on Amazon.

I forgot to submit my info and you already posted it. Can I add mine?

Sorry, once I post it, there is no way to edit all the reblogs that have happened. 

Can I put things like a coffee pot on my list?


What should I put on my list?

Focus on a few items that range in price (if someone wants to help you out, but all the things you have on there are $80 that might be too much for their budget).  Leave things off that you can get cheaply during back to school sales.  Consider items that you need the most and are not easily provided by school supply lists or your office (ie: I can get plenty of pencils, but colored printer paper will never be provided).

Can I share my wish list with people outside of tumblr?

Absolutely.  It is a great way to let friends and family let you know how they can help.  

Why Amazon wish lists?

I love donorschoose, but in some districts items purchased via donorschoose stay with the school when a teacher moves schools.  I like that with wish lists, items purchased for a teacher follow the teacher.