The friends feature on Pokemon Go has made it a completely different and much more fun game.

But my favourite part isn’t the gift exchanging (though it is great) or the Pokemon trading (since all my friends are on the other side of the world so chances are we’ll never be within the 100m necessary to trade again).

No, my favourite part is being able to see all the Looks my friends have cultivated.

I mean, just within the Educhums and Tumblr friends, we have:

The Ash Ketchum

The Style Trumps All

The If I Don’t Have Time To Dress Nicely Why Should My Avatar Or Pokemon

The Colour Coordinates Literally Everything Because It’s All I Can Control In My Life

The Christmas-In-July

And the Manager Of A Hot Topic Store

Just to name a few!

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Add meeeeeee!

Add me!!!!!!!!