I just want an SNL skit where horrible, atrocious things keep happening in education (DeVos, school shootings, black girls being punished at a disproportionate rate, budget cuts, #Educolor being completely ignored while white southern belle blond ladies take over the face of the profession.)

All while “Twitter Teachers and Admin” keep looking over their shoulders at the explosions and trying to spin and sell their overly positive platitudes and products until it’s taken to a ridiculous level. Until something happens that they can’t ignore and HAVE to talk about, while trying to keep it “on brand.”

Something like “Good teachers lock their doors. The best teachers actually take the bullets for their kids! Buy my book at…”

It’s too niche, so it’ll never happen, but I have dreams.

Still waiting for one of the #educhums to write the script for the teaching comedy we all deserve.

It’s not too niche, do you even realize how many public school teachers there are? Yo Pete Davidson where you at?