Day One Hundred Seventy-Four

So here I was, ready to write this blog entry and go out for the evening, aaaaaand I made the mistake of checking my work email first. 

Here’s a tip for new teachers: if a parent emails you and asks you to call them to discuss a particular grade, write back, tell them you’ll call during school hours (personal choice: I don’t make calls from home because I don’t want to do them on my cell phone), and ask what, specifically, they want to discuss. They’ll either say it’s resolved (usually because they’ve talked to their kid) or they’ll provide details, which will make calling quicker and easier.


Today was fun! I spent my prep time tinkering with some APUSGOV stuff for next year, and finishing one of the new books Mrs. T and I got for World/English. Then one of my seniors came by to return old books to us (from when she was in ninth grade and devouring both our classroom libraries). That was a bit of nostalgia and amusement.

I did nine writing conferences during the double block of World/English, and Mrs. T did ten. One of the best things about team teaching is that we can have in-depth conferences with all of our students in just two or three days because we have twice the time and half the work (because I conference with half our students, and she conferences with the other half). Students can even have us check their work again before final drafts are due because we aren’t pressed for time. It’s really ideal.