Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain both committed suicide this week. Mental illness does not discriminate; you can be famous & wealthy and still suffer. Most of us who suffer from anxiety and depression have personalities of helpers. We give to others before we take care of ourselves. We seem strong because we are always checking on others, taking care of them, but then we forget to check on & take care of ourselves.

Mental illness is something you live with forever. There will be times, years, where things will be great and easy, and there will be times, maybe years, yes, where they won’t be. The resources aren’t always available to get help. Counseling may not exist, might be full, counselors may not be accepting new patients for months, or your insurance just might not cover it.

Seeing the rich and famous reach such tremendously low points can be extremely difficult, because you wonder, “If they have everything and couldn’t find the strength, how can I?” Remember that you are strong. These feelings will pass, they will not last forever, the cloud will lift.

I post this because I’m trying to work through my own personal feelings about these suicides right now. Even when you don’t know the person, when someone commits suicide, it’s hard to cope with. People need to be more open about their struggles so when someone else is suffering, they know they aren’t alone. When you know someone has dealt with mental illness in the past, check on them, even if you yourself can’t fully comprehend what they’re going through. Having a mental illness can be so incredibly lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s really hard sometimes. We’re stronger together.