Day One Hundred Seventy-Three

Today I spent my prep time chipping away at the stack of shiny new books we have for next year; I’ve got to read them before I assign them. I also got brand new speakers because my old ones were kind of trash, and, like, these are intense speakers.

I didn’t need them today because I was doing writing conferences. Multi-genre projects are coming together! Mrs. T and I love how proud of the work the students are. We overheard several sharing pieces with others, or discussing how much research they’d done, that sort of thing. We also love how much collaboration has been happening; in past years, we’d have maybe one or two kids team up- write personal letters to each other, write connected narratives, film a joint newscast- but this year there’s a ton of that. It’s so creative, too. Like, today one girl enlisted two of her friends to film a PSA about mental illness; they all had messages on their arms in washable marker, which flipped from negative to positive, black and white to color. So clever. 

The ninth grade house met for a year-end review/planning session/party (The Vice Principal brought us snacks!) and that was really positive. We’ll have a handful of newbies next year, but most of us will be back for more adventures with freshmen, and we’re exciting to keep getting better at what we do.