Day One Hundred Seventy-One

Today I got to eat some wicked good cake. 

Mrs. T baked cake because it’s her seniors’ last day in Reading Break, and that calls for celebration. My Reading Break got in on it because the wall between our classrooms is open, and it would’ve been mean not to share with us. So yay.

World/English went… mostly smoothly. I had to chase down a few kids who went hallway wandering after lunch, but that’s all. Mrs. T and I both spent much of our time editing drafts for students, and their work is so good. We’ve got ninth graders writing and revising two, three times to perfect a piece; there’s such high engagement- and it’s June!!! 

This is our biggest triumph. 

One of my seniors came in during our team meeting to say goodbye because he won’t be in APUSGOV tomorrow. That was sweet. My colleagues ribbed me a little for being a pile of sentimental goo afterwards, but I can’t help it. I love that class.

Tomorrow’s going to be a lot.