Day One Hundred Seventy

Sometimes parents tell me that their kids are watching the news, and starting discussions about current affairs, and so on. They’re usually incredulous, and grateful, and I’m just delighted. I feel like I’ve done something right. 

Buuuut sometimes parents tell me that their kids are using what I’ve taught them to make mischief, and I just have to own it. Someone asks a priest about The Flying Spaghetti Monster during CCD? My fault. Someone’s quoting nihilist philosophy at a family dinner? That’s on me, too. 

But the kid who decided gravity is fake? I DIDN’T DO IT.

I did preside over a fairly silly APUSGOV class: second to last day, finishing up projects with The West Wing on in the background (at least half my students were trying to figure out their undone physics homework, too). 

My day got busy after that because Mrs. T was absent. Managing our combined classes alone is a challenge, especially given the number of kids whose new thing is breaking minor rules just to be contrary (I shut it down by saying it’s boring). I managed, though, and was able to check in drafts and help kids edit. They were very patient with the fact that my attention had to be divided.

Now I want to go to bed. Heh.