Day One Hundred Sixty-Nine

Mrs. T bought a dress online that turned out to be too big for her, so I- being half a foot taller and in possession of curves- bought it from her. I wore it today, and the handful of students who care about our fashion had many complimentary things to say. That’s a win. 

It was a fairly easy day for both of us. We spent Block 1 chatting with some former students who came by to ask us to edit papers (there was a sub in their class, so their actual teacher couldn’t do it). During World/English, I edited works in progress while Mrs. T checked in completed drafts. There are some seriously cool projects taking shape. It’s awesome. 

I spent my prep time writing a letter to my APUSGOV class. It’s been a tradition of mine to write something to my senior classes for several years now. This one is truly special, so it took a while to decide what I wanted to say.

I think I got it.