Day One Hundred Sixty-Six

If you tell me about a thing that needs doing, even if it isn’t urgent, there’s a good chance I’ll sit down and do it as soon as possible so it isn’t stuck in my head. Yesterday I learned that one of the incoming ninth graders will need significant modifications to first semester work for World/English, so I started writing them today. 

I had extra time because it’s senior skip day and my APUSGOV students all skipped. I think it was a good way to use it. I did more during my prep block, too.

And, in between, there was multi-genre madness! So many cool projects are in the works. And we know it’s going well when, even this late in the year (and on a hot day), no one tries to pack up early for lunch or for the end of the block. Mrs. T and I are calling that a win.

What we’re not calling a win: the number of students who didn’t turn in an Afghanistan Novel Project, which was due to Mrs. T last week. Steps will be taken to address that…

Practice was short and sweet today- my job in it was just to fine tune sprinters’ block form- so I got home about two hours ago. Aaaand got back to work on the stuff I was doing for next year.