Day One Hundred Sixty-Four

Today was hot. I had a fan on in my classroom, but it only helped so much. I’m going to blame the heat for the fact that I annoyed the AD basically any time I opened my mouth today- in school, at practice, after practice. He does not appreciate my sense of humor, and I know that. But, apparently, on a hot day I decide he needs to hear it anyway… 

I’m just gonna stay out of his way during States tomorrow. 


Block 1 was all right, temperature-wise. My APUSGOV class had a really cool video chat with a congressional candidate who couldn’t come up in person. She’s a scientist, so we invited the AP Bio class to join us, and I thought it was a valuable learning experience for everyone. A lot of the discussion focused on environmental policy and public health policy, which, admittedly, I know less about than other areas. Two of my students also threw awesome campaign finance reform questions out there, which was great.

By Block 4, it was really warm, and half my class ended up sitting on the floor in the hallway because it was cooler. Whatever helps them get their research done, I guess. If you’re curious what they’re researching, this is the entire Multigenre Project topic list:

All that just from asking ninth graders what they think is important right now.