Day One Hundred Sixty-Two

My APUSGOV class hasn’t eaten cake since the government passed a budget, but we have eaten waffles! Today was “Waffle Wednesday” because, well, we felt like eating waffles. And, yes, they were totally Mickey waffles.


I did actually teach, too, I swear. I’ve been teaching about state and local government since the exam; that’s why my last two guests were state legislators. I also had students read the NH Constitution, and today I did a lecture-discussion on the basics of our state government. I gave a vocab quiz, as well. 

In World, I introduced the multi-genre project for the second day. My Block 3 class was immediately fired up about it. My Block 4 class was… not. At least, they weren’t initially. They looked at sample projects from past years and said it looked like too much work, and they didn’t wanna, etc, etc… But I explained how much choice they have, and had them look at the daily calendar that breaks down all the work, and then they got excited. They actually brainstormed my biggest list of topics. 

Oh, but I did give out my first detention in ages today because a kid cut class. That was annoying. 

Practice was quick but awesome. I worked with the girls 4×1 team (boys missed qualifying by one spot… like .3 of a second). We checked their marks, then did an “all around,” which is when each sprinter does a full 100m, but accelerates into the hand-off as opposed to sprinting the whole way. It was flawless, and I had a feeling it would be. These four girls work so well together; it’s three seniors and one freshman, which can be a tough dynamic, but not in this case. They did a cheer before the all around, and congratulated each other after they finished, and I just loved it.

We finished practice with couple hollow sprints, ate cupcakes one of our captains brought for her birthday, and went home. I’d say it was a good day.