Question for the more veteran teachers: have students always been this fucking passive?

I’m not even talking about the ones who sit there and don’t do anything with no intention of passing. I mean the ones that not only want to pass, but expect to, without ever even attempting any of the work or engaging with the material at all. They sit there and expect to get a passing grade by virtue of being there.

And even worse are the ones who are aggressively passive. The ones who demand that you not ask them to do anything. The ones who think the teacher’s job is to talk and their job is to do seat time, and believe there’s no reason our jobs need to clash at all. And, oh my fucking god, the ones who say “aren’t you the teacher” when you assign a research or creative project, and when you try to explain that you learn better by doing and researching and creating, their response is “so why do we pay you if we’re doing all the work.”

It’s been less than 10 years since i was in high school. These kids don’t have much more than we had at my school — We had cell phones, we had school computers, we had smartboards, we had emulators and illegal streaming sites and video games. And yet I never, EVER remember kids being THIS FUCKING PASSIVE in their own education. At the very least, we understood that our goal was to learn by doing and putting in a bare minimum of attention and effort; not this “learn by watching movies while the teacher says things i cant hear through my headphones” bullshit.

What’s changed? HAS anything changed, or was I just too much of an honors kid to notice my classmates’ apathy?

Boosting this because I need answers.

I don’t care if you “tried.” That doesn’t mean you deserve an A!