Day One Hundred Sixty

Today was many things: Monday after a championship win, Monday after prom. Monday after another school shooting…. 

One minute I was looking at pictures of ballgowns, the next I was listening to a couple young activists talk about the letters they’re writing to the governor. There is as much emotional whiplash as you think there is. Also, it’s late May and I’ve got to keep my classes focused, which is a bit of a challenge even in the best of times. 

Today I did all right. I had a guest in APUSGOV, a first-term state legislator with boundless energy; he talked mile-a-minute, asked and answered questions as he went, and had a fun time. It was really informative- even more than I thought it was going to be- and he got a lot of laughs out of my students, so I’m pleased. 

This was an extra day for my two World classes because of Friday’s karate demo, so I got to do a fun lesson on anime and societal values. My Block 3 class got super into it. My Block 4 class… did not. Can’t win ‘em all.

Practice was quick today because it’s taper time. The sprinters did a ladder workout and called it a day.