Since I’ve been VERY MIA this year… her…

Since I’ve been VERY MIA this year… here’s what my kids are finishing up this week!

Paper mache and clay. Full disclosure— last time I did paper mache with a class was in student teaching. I usually do clay or plaster. I’m not great at incorporating 3D works because it’s what I enjoy doing the least BUT this year I had each grade do 2 3D projects and it was beyond worth it! Huge engagement and success!

I love saving 3D for the end of the year because things are so hard to keep their attention. Re-vamped some of my units this year too— giving more choice and control to the kids and it has worked out wonderfully!

So here are some 3D works. 8th grade made paper mache animals, 7th grade made paper mache food, 6th grade is working on coil pots.